Subzero vs. Scorpion Stance Socks
Subzero vs. Scorpion Stance Socks, flat view.

Subzero vs. Scorpion Stance Socks

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All within the confines of these epic socks, is the legendary fight between Mortal Kombat classic characters' Subzero and Scorpion! Purchase these socks and forever capture this epic battle. 


Item Number: 150001-18


No visible signs of wear, no flaws. Likely never worn or used.


In excellent pre-owned condition. Shows normal wear expected for age and occastion wear, but nothing easily visible. Minor flawas have been repaired.


Shows normal wear expected for age with some minor probles visible, however, flaws will not detract from wear. Minor flaws easily repairableor already repaired.


Some visible flaws but structure is intact. Most likely repairable/ wearable with care.


Need considerable repairs/ replacement parts.


*Flaws as listed or photograph with accuracy as possible.

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