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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know as a new consignor?
  • New items are always welcome.
  • For the first assessment of consignment items, bring only one trial bag. Once an account has been established, an unlimited number of items can be brought in.
  • Items not selected will be returned immediately.
What can I consign?
  • We are currently accepting Winter Consignment.
  • Contemporary ladies' and men's clothing. Item should be new or purchased within the last two years, cleaned and in good condition.
  • Vintage ladies and men's clothing and accessories in mint condition.
How do I consign?
  • By appointment. You can book an appointment here. All items will be assessed during visit.
  • Items should be brought in bags only. No hangers please.
  • If you are interested in consigning HOMEWARES, please email us at consignment@frontandcompany.com with any relevant photos or information so we can assess the items beforehand. Please do NOT include homewares during your regular consignment appointment.
What happens to my consigned items?
  • Selected items will be under contract with Front & Company for a time period of up to 6 months with a selling period of at least 60 days.
  • Items will be appraised, entered into a computerized account, and prepared for sale. This process generally takes 2 weeks.will determine the optimal selling period to sell the items.
  • Appraisal is based on the item’s condition, original price, style and timing within the season.
  • Items not sold after 30 days will be discounted by 20% of the appraised price.
  • After 60 days, any unsold items will be donated* unless otherwise specified.

* Donated items will be sold at Front’s Rummage Sale with net proceeds going to Front’s designated charities. Thereafter, any unsold items will be donated to a charity organization.

How do I collect my share of the proceeds for items sold?
40% of the sale’s proceeds can be collected at anytime. Each month, consignors who have uncollected balances of over $50 will be issued a cheque for pickup.

* This is a guideline only. We reserve all rights to make any adjustments.

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